Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maryden Learning School: A Decade of Steadfast Stewardship

By Ernie Catanghal

March 24, 2012

Maryden Learning School of San Pablo, Laguna is owned and managed by our friends Reden and Jinky Urmatan. They have started this business in 2002 after Jinky, who was my former colleague in a private school in Manila, resigned and decided to follow God's new direction down south. Jinky's passion for teaching small kids has found a new home in their own hand-built school that specializes on preparatory level. Through those years we have witnessed how the Lord flourished their school ministry and how it has made a strong impact in the community.

During that time I too was already resigned from being part of the administration of our school and was doing full time in pursuing my calling as a pastor/missionary to the tribes. Though we have parted ways our relationship with each other has grown stronger than ever as me and Ahlie has committed supporting their school in prayers and every time they would need us we would come over to aid in any way we can. 

One thing I was doing for them is that I have been their guest speaker in their school's moving-up and graduation ceremonies. Out of ten years I just can't remember enough how many times I have stood in their ceremonies but Jinky's sister, Maricris, just told us this year is the seventh time. Is that right guys?

One of the greatest gift this amazing couple has received from the Lord for their years of faithfulness is their hija de promesa, my beautiful inaanak, Yza. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was speaking for their graduation ceremony and this little girl was lying down in her trolley with an infant feeding bottle in her hand. And now look at her! She's already a part of the moving-up ceremony and was even the fluent scripture reader. Now I know what these gray strands on my head means... oh, how time flies so fast!

The graduation theme was the same as ever which was taken form the school's verse, Proverbs 22:6. It says "Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it." This time I gave emphasis on the importance of proper training, and the trainers which are the teachers, the parents and the guardians who took the center stage of my message. For an illustration I used the story of Manny Pacquiao and Coach Freddie Roach. Both the children and the adults were captured with so much enthusiasm by the story I shared. Who would be not interested with the story of our "Pambansang Kamao"?

We are always happy to see the achievers, the pride and the living legacy of the school, they are the  former pupils who never forgotten to look back and take part in their school's moving-up ceremonies. This year Sherlyn Mae Estrellado, a part of the first batch of graduates and now graduating in high school lead the ceremony.

There were 24 pupils for this school year. Maryden Learning School is always maintaining this small number of kids every year to maintain their high standard of teaching and provide each kid the best learning experience.

The "Address To The Graduates" was delivered by the very fluent Danna Chrysabel C. David, the Preparatory Level  first honor. One thing the school is proud of is that no pupil have left their school without being able to read and write proficiently.

The ceremony started and ended very orderly just like as ever before. Small crowd, very intimate, very family! Me and my wife, Ahlie, are always honored to have a part in Maryden Learning School be it in the part of praying or speaking on occasions like this. We are forever grateful to you Reden and Jinky for the opportunity to share our lives to your school ministry. May the good Lord bless you more of your hearts' desires!

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